Campus Facilities

School Library

The school library offers a wide variety of books. Also, computers equipped with Internet access are available in the library for student use.

In addition, our students have access to Britannica online, which is a global educational encyclopedia that provides timely, relevant, trustworthy information, and instructional products.

Cafeteria and Canteens

The school has two types of canteens: the school cafeteria and canteens. Both are subcontracted to an outside catering firm, which is an ISO certified food catering company.

The school is equipped with three purpose-built cafeterias accommodating approximately 1,000 people. Both hot and cold meals, along with can be served throughout the school day. KG and Lower Primary students have their own canteen where they are served breakfast and hot lunch.

Alumni Club House

The Alumni Club House is located on the lower campus, a beautiful stone house combining the simple allure of traditional Lebanese architecture with modern conveniences.

The house, surrounded by gardens, was graciously designated to host most of the Alumni Association’s activities. It serves as an ideal place to maintain a strong link among generations of the International School of Choueifat—Choueifat (ISC-Choueifat) graduates, enabling alumni, their families, and friends to meet in an atmosphere of relaxation, companionship, and conviviality.

History Hall

The Saad family residence on the campus of ISC-Choueifat was restored and turned into the SABIS® History Hall.

The hall was inaugurated on the celebration of the 125th anniversary and houses pictures, documents, letters, and other memorabilia dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and casts light on the history of ISC-Choueifat.

Statues of the late Tanios Saad and Louisa Proctor

The statues of the late Reverend Tanios Saad and Ms. Louisa Proctor — the founders of the Mother School formerly known as the National College — were unveiled at the celebration of the 125th anniversary, seem to be beaming with pride as they look at the school they created in 1886. This school started with just 28 girls and became the seed that grew into the global organization, which currently educates close to 65,000 students in 15 countries, spanning four continents.

Computer Lab

The school’s two computer labs are equipped with the latest technology, in terms of both hardware and software. Such updates ensure that students can put into practice what they have learned in the computing curriculum taught through grades 1 through 11.

Exam Halls and the SABIS ITL® Halls

There are five exam halls, two of which are equipped with computer stations, which implement the SABIS Integrated Testing and Learning® (ITL®) technology. Using the proprietary Computer-Based Examination System (CBE), the ITL® system enables students to combine testing with active learning. Features of the ITL® include instant grading, on-the-spot correction of mistakes and unanswered questions, and access to challenging questions. ITL® is a powerful tool that hinders the formation of learning gaps.

Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)

Some classes have replaced the traditional blackboard with Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs). Unlike traditional boards, which require teachers to manually write out content during a lesson, their modern counterparts, IWBs, allow teachers to present pre-prepared, interactive lessons that can integrate a variety of technological teaching tools.