A SPECIAL DAY in the Presence of an Inspiring Woman- Mrs SAAD

October 13, 2012 was a very special day for us here at the mother school…not only did teachers celebrate Founders’ Day but they also had the privilege of Mrs Leila Saad's presence during their in-service training. Mrs. Saad introduced to teachers the new book by James Tooley: “From Village School to Global Brand”, and gave a short, riveting discussion on the history of the school and the original concept of the book. Teachers were all very excited to receive their own copies from Mrs. Saad, who then gracefully invited all the staff members to have brunch with her in the new Historical Hall.
At 11 o'clock staff members started arriving and were warmly received by Mrs Saad and Mr Victor Saad, as well as senior members of the administration. They were enchanted by the excellent exhibition of paintings, historical pictures and beautiful contemporary art pieces. The grace and beauty of the traditional Lebanese architecture drew gasps of admiration from the staff and Mrs Saad was so kind to explain and answer all the questions.
The buffet was superb and they all went outside to admire the beautiful view from the sprawling balcony. In this relaxed atmosphere everyone all enjoyed the company of a very special lady and went home full of inspiration to keep on striving to CHANGE THE WORLD THROUGH EDUCATION.