MAL/MUN 2018-2019

The MUN and MAL programs were quite outstanding this year. The hard-working trainers and advisors, Riwa and Ranim Narsh, worked extensively to shape the delegates and prepare them for their final conferences.


All delegates gained skills in public speaking and leadership. The delegates and advisors worked closely towards a set goal and the results were the many awards received and the creation of a true MUN/MAL family.

The MUN and MAL results were as follows:

MAL Middle School

Jana Hatoum      G9              Secretary General Award

Tala Fayad           G9              Secretary General Award

Shaden Mehdi    G8              Diplomacy Award

Ghiya Hijazi         G8              Diplomacy Award

Amira Barghout  G8              Diplomacy Award

Zahara Hallaj       G8              Diplomacy Award


MAL High School

Karen Mezher    G10           Secretary General Award

Riwa Narsh         G11           Secretary General Award

Seri Hmeidan     G11           Secretary General Award

Reem Ghazali     G11           Secretary General Award

Nour Akoum       G11           Secretary General Award

Lara Abu Salman G10         Secretary General Award


MUN Middle School

Karim Abdel Samad        G7              Diplomacy Award

Nour El Yazbi                    G8              Position Paper Award


MUN High School

Rassel Narsh       G10           Secretary General Award

Ranim Narsh       G11           Diplomacy Award

Mariam Nasser  G12           Diplomacy Award

Mira Haidar         G10           Diplomacy Award

Tala Mehdi          G10           Diplomacy Award

Samir Abdulaal  G10           Diplomacy Award

Saeed Arayssi    G12           Diplomacy Award

Moreover, our Grade 11 student, Reem Ghazali, will be representing ISC-Choueifat and Lebanon in the National High School Model Arab League in Georgetown, Washington, which will be taking place in late April, 2019.