Community Service Campaign

This year our school launched the BIGGEST community service campaign ever held. Our aim was not only to help the community but also to integrate everyone into the organization process. More than 400 students participated in this campaign, by not only organizing the campaign but also visiting orphanages, elderly centers, and public schools.

This huge campaign was divided among the students according to the SLO® departments and grades






  • The Academics and Discipline Departments organized a visit for grade 10 to to a public school. The students enjoyed setting the school’s library and donated books. Now a new section was added to the public school library. They also spent time repairing the kids playground and painting its walls with multiple colors. The best part of this whole experience was that the students made new friends from the public school and unforgettable memories.

  • The Lower School Department taught the students of grade 1, 2, and 3 the importance of donating to children in need by giving hats to the Cancer Center. Afterwards, each students in grade 10 took the time to design a hat in a creative way. The hats were provided to children with cancer.

  • The Outreach Department planned a visit for grade 11 to visit the elderly people of “Hamlin Nursing Home”. They spent their day getting to know the elders as well as appreciating their wisdom and life experiences. The students also gifted the elders with Lebanon’s symbolic cedar trees and dried fruits. Nevertheless, the students know that the experiences they gained were priceless.


  • The Management Department contributed by preparing and handing the orphans cups full of treats. The smiles of the little children faces brightened up the day.


  • The Social Responsibility Department The lower school students helped enormously by donating cribs, pampers, and baby clothing to help mothers and children in need. They also collected a number of hats which was designed only by the students.