Culture Day

“ I want to travel the world in a day”, I told my friend, “I want to see it all in a day.” “That’s impossible”, he laughed, but I just smiled and said, “Not in SABIS.”

April 30th this year was no ordinary school day. It was more of a trip to a beach of tears of joy, to a museum of diverse traditional displays, to the world.

On this day, every class would decide on a country, and the students would dress up according to that country’s tradition. They would artistically create a board of talent and bring all sorts of cultural foods.

Next thing you know, you’re tossed into a colorful festival tornado, a tornado of music and laughter, of “Brazil” and “India”, of teachers and students dancing together and touring the world in none other than our precious school grounds.

Culture Day was the highlight of most of the students’ year, for they have experienced a way to gain education and entertainment at the same time.