Founders' Day 2011

On October the 14th, the school witnessed a cherished tradition that has been practiced every year since the silk-factory was changed in to a school. Founders’ Day was a day bursting at the seams with anticipation and energy. Senior boys were suited in their tuxedos, the girls in their dresses and heels, flaunting their best attire for the school in celebration of 126 years of outstanding education. After hours of anticipation, the seniors and their teachers headed to the old schoolhouse for the ceremony which was opened with a heartfelt speech by Mrs. Frieda Ghibril. Mohammad Kassim and Riham  Atallah followed, and both gave representative speeches for their classes, much to their classmates’ delight and admiration. It is significant to note that more than a few pairs of eyes were left wet. Then the ragtag team of student musicians performed songs which reflected this important milestone in everyone’s life.