Health Awareness Campaign- Body and Mind

Emerson once said “The first wealth is health.”

Obesity, sickness, cancer, stress, accidents..…are all factors very wide spread in our society as a whole.

The Student Life Organization has proudly assembled, on the 24th of March till the 4th of April, an inspirational “Health Awareness Campaign-Body and Mind”, targeting all aspects of leading a healthy life style, helping the students of all ages around the school from Pre-k up to grade 12 to get a clearer more vivid picture concerning their health, body, and mind.

The SLO® has covered a wide range of health issues such as hygiene, nutrition, mental health, sleeping disorders, smoking, drug abuse, stress management, alcohol and energy drinks addiction, racism and peace, driving safety, dental hygiene, acting right in accidents,  first aid guidelines, etc... through presentations and dynamic activities which were greatly enjoyed by the students. The highlight of this campaign was an Open Day of Awareness, where professionals and doctors (that we can proudly say are ISC-SABIS® graduates) were invited to be the inspiration for the new generations, by giving the students speeches and coordinating one to one activities. In addition to that, flyers with beneficial and motivational tips were distributed all around the school grounds. During this campaign, the school cafeteria has been stressing on the importance of providing a variety of healthy snack and meals.

The lower school students were also a part of this campaign. They were given advice concerning their fitness, health and hygiene, similarly to the high school students; they had fun, stimulating, educational activities concerning their health.