This academic year is all about being equipped for success, through various tools including the prep-list. The prep-list consisted of the concepts that a student has failed to master. The prefects have managed to create a process that facilitates the usage of this tool. First, a prep-list station was founded to ensure that all students have access to their failed concepts. From this prep-list station, students take their own sample questions, solve them manually and practice them during certain afterschool sessions. On the following day, the students attend sessions during lunch breaks where prefects are supervising and ensuring that all these tutees successfully remove all failed concepts. No teacher is present during this time for the tutors have maximum control over this procedure. These sessions occur twice a week. After this procedure, the tutors tick all the concepts and remove them from a students’ record. This process has been working effectively and efficiently, as our students persevere to make sure that no gaps remain unfilled during the academic year.

The International School of Choueifat – Choueifat

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