SABIS® Stars

Every two years, SABIS® holds a regional competition called SABIS® STARS, testing the students’ abilities in debating, public speaking, Arabic poetry, art, creative writing, science, photography, advertising, poster design and spelling. 


This year the two day event was held in ISC-Amman, Jordan, and students from ten SABIS® schools across six countries visited to participate in the competition.



The awards we won were:

·         Arabic Poetry:      

1st place: Ghiwa Khaleel.        

2nd place: Rayan Yehya.

·         Debating:      

1st place: Mohsen Zakaib, Leen Nassreddine, Reem Yehia.

·         Photography:    

 2nd place: Rawan Mucharrafieh.

·         Poster Design:      

2nd place: Jad Yehia.    

3rd place: Sara Yehia.

·         Science Fair (I, J, K):      

1st place: Lara AbdelBaki, Omar Al Ashi.

·         Science Fair (L, M, N, O):    

 3rd place: Aya Abou Zoulof, Bassel Ghazali.


·         Spelling Bee:       3rd place: Karen Mezher. 


The trip was an amazing, life-changing experience for everyone that went, shaping us for the better. Special thanks are sent to all the staff and prefects involved in making the event the tremendous success it was, ISC-Amman for hosting the event.