Shadow Teachers Taking Over (Started October 8, 2015)

Empowering students to shadow teach can’t be achieved in one day. It requires continuous efforts and dedication. So, the SLO® Academic Department has begun implementing the shadow teaching monthly event that includes students substituting their teachers for a whole day. The prefects have devised this plan in aims of portraying the SABIS® teaching system through the efforts of the students themselves. This monthly academic event started off on October 8th, when around 280 periods were taught by students. They professionally took control of their classes, role modeling their teachers, and explaining the material required to the fullest. The shadow teachers were able to actively interact with their fellow classmates and were proud to see that the material was fully comprehended by them all. Also, the teachers and AQCs were very impressed by their students’ social skills and were happy to see that this practice was able to boost their self-esteem and build their self-confidence. The efforts of the academic prefects are consistently increasing with the aim of making this event more successful by the month, and to enhance the shadow teachers’ teaching skills.

This event will be taking place every month as the SLO® is striving to empower its prefects and students to become better teachers and therefore, better students.