School News

Future Profession Day
On April 4th , a future profession day was held for grades 4-6. Students had the opportunity to think about and...
International Folkdance Night
The SLO® organization held the “International Folk Dance Night” on Saturday, May 3rd at the Unesco Palace. This...
Our students donated $ 6,000- the proceeds of the International Folk Dance Night- to the Red Cross.
Culture Day
On this day, every class would decide on a country, and the students would dress up according to that country’s...
Art Fair
On May 17th, 2014 ,ISC campus was dressed to the nines as students’ artwork adorned its gardens and halls.
Etiquette- Speaker of the Month
The Chouiefat alumnus and professional image consultant Sonya Sabbagh returned to the campus to give a lecture about...
Olympic Weeks – Play to Save a Heart
The sports department of the SLO® in coordination with the Physical Education department organized exciting sports...
Mother's Day
Moms are magnificent. To help celebrate all the things these wonderful women do, The International School of...
MUN Awards
Model United Nations at LAU allows students to step into the shoes of UN Ambassadors and debate a range of issues on...
Sports’ Independence week
The sports’ department had a full week to celebrate the Independence Day
The International School of Choueifat – Choueifat

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