School News

Visit Elderly Homes 2012
On Tuesday October 23rd, the SLO organized a community service trip to ‘Dar Al Musaneen’ in the Shouf area.
Bake Sale 2012
18 and 31 October 2012
A SPECIAL DAY in the Presence of an Inspiring Woman- Mrs SAAD
Mrs. Saad introduced to teachers the new book by James Tooley: “From Village School to Global Brand”, and gave a...
Founders’ Day 2012
The graduating students along with their teachers joined to celebrate founders’ day, acknowledging 127 years of hard...
College Fair 2012
On the 8th of October, 2012, the annual college fair was held in our library where students in grades 10,11, and 12...
Green Apple Workshop 2012
On September 29, the SLO in collaboration with the Social Responsibility Department participated in the...
Orientation Day
“Orientation Day” is an annual event held to make the new students feel at home.
Mama Mia (Aresco Palace, May 4, 2012)
The Student Life Organization present the school production “ Mamma Mia”.
Oumsiyah Sheriah
أحيا نادي الشعر العربي في مدرسة الشويفات الدولية، أمسية شعرية مساء الجمعة 3 شباط في مكتبة المطالعة في المدرسة، حضرها...
Founders' Day 2011
On October the 14th, the school witnessed a cherished tradition that has been practiced every year since the silk-fac